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Feb 28, 2013 9:00am PST
smokes, a dropped kerchief! that hasn't been used since lily langsley. you'll have to pick it up yourself, madame. it's a shame that he'll never see it. oh, you don't like her either? well, what are you gonna do about it? oh, you just can't stand it anymore, you're leaving. these women don't give you a moment's peace, do they? go soak your head and see if i care! introduce the man and the woman in the beginning of the movie, and then you complicate it for the next 60, 70 minutes, and you know they're gonna get together at the end, but it's fun to watch how they keep missing each other. it's kind of a tough thing, because if you say, "here's a romantic comedy, and i'm trying to keep the tension alive," except the audience comes in, they know who's in it, so they know they're gonna get together. so you always throw in obstacles to keep people apart. (robert zemeckis) the stakes in the story kept getting higher, the reaction the audience has watching these films is "my god, how are they ever gonna get together?" (amy heckerling) you're walking a fine line between having the reason, and with
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1